Howard Hansen

We are in the health food business

by Huon Valley

Growing up in the orchard, surrounded by delicious fruit that his family has been growing for generations, Howard is now the driving force behind one of Tasmania’s largest growers of apples and cherries.

“I am the without doubt a product of the Huon Valley. (I was) Born here, spent 41 of my 43 years on this earth living here..”

Hansen Orchards

The fruit growing industry in Tasmania has experienced times of extreme growth and equally extreme decline. It’s only those orchards that continually innovate and move with the times, that are still supplying premium fruit to both local and international markets. Growing delicious apples and cherries is an art that the Hansen family has perfected over the generations.

Howard has a firm belief on what makes the Hansen Orchards fruit so special.

“The cool climate and long growing season of the Huon Valley is the perfect environment for growing crunchy red apples with a long shelf life. It also allows us to have the latest maturing cherries in the southern hemisphere. Our cherries are bigger, sweeter and firmer than those from warmer growing regions around the world”

What make a successful orchard?

“I believe… the harder you work the luckier you get. We are in the health food business, producing outstanding quality fruit from sunlight and water”

My great grandfather planted his first orchards at Nubeena on the Tasman Peninsula in 1887. He had 6 sons who were all apple growers in the same area. My Grandfather Rupert purchased an existing orchard and moved his young family to the Huon Valley in 1944 and we have farmed here continuously ever since.

- Howard Hansen

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